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SureHaus™ Remote Data Storage from In Haus Solutions is the ideal method of securely storing your data off-site. Our data storage center keeps your information safe from any unforeseen circumstances, from summer blackouts to corporate espionage. Our system offers the ultimate combination of user-friendly service and powerful encryption, appropriate for groups of any size-from small start up businesses to large enterprise-sized corporations.

Our datacenter boasts a Cisco-powered network that remains connected to the Internet via multiple service providers. We guarantee 100 percent network uptime-if you need your data, you will be able to connect to it. To protect from power failure, our center is served by dual city electric feeds and diesel generators ensure an uninterruptible power supply even if the rest of the city is in darkness.

Experienced staff members work onsite 24/7. Access is granted only by key cards and biometric scans, and a closed circuit video surveillance system keeps constant watch over your valuable information. Raised flooring and a high tech smoke alarm system protect your files from natural disasters such as flood or fire.

You can access our interface in your own Internet browser and back up any data type that you need, from special documents to important emails. Plus our system provides easy backup for Exchange, MS SQL and MySQL servers. As your data is transmitted to our SureHaus, it's protected by high security algorithms, defending your data with the same level of protection the military uses. Nobody can access your files without authorization.

Your data is supported by intelligent backup systems. After the first backup, any changes to files or directories are automatically detected and saved. Incremental backup support saves only the recent changes in the file, instead of sending the entire file again, saving you bandwidth and money. Users with laptops and other mobile devices benefit from the same smart backup the moment they connect to the Internet.

Reliable, automatic updating and high tech encryption take the guesswork out of data storage. If you changed it, it's backed up. If you sent it, it's protected.

At In Haus Solutions, we leave nothing to chance.

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